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Come as you are and you are free to pick out any trees from our stock of 6000+ trees. If you know which trees you want, just email a list to us before you visit. We’ll verify your choices and if you want us to flag those trees for you, we’ll send a PayPal invoice for a deposit (25%, minimum $50) and they will be flagged and reserved for you. We do like prior notice so we can be ready for you, but ‘walk-ins’ are always welcome. With 1000′s of trees to look at and purchase, you can pick your own, And unlike big box stores we have 100 times more KINDS of Japanese maple trees to choose from, in all sizes and prices.


We will advise you on type of vehicle to bring and whether it will work with the type and size of tree(s) you are interested in. Most trees under 7 gals and some 10 gal and above will fit in a SUV, a hatch-back vehicle, a station wagon, or a van if the seats come down and you don’t have kids in the back seat. We have put medium sized trees in mini coopers SAFELY. HELPFUL NOTE: BRING A TRAILER If you are planning to buy a large tree, or many trees we recommend renting an ENCLOSED trailer of proper size. ASK US WHAT SIZE YOU WILL NEED.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING AN OPEN TRAILER OR ONE WITHOUT A TOP ON IT. When we see these coming we wince. It a recipe for disaster except for very short trips like 25 miles. We will load you up, wrap trees if necessary and get them safely into trailer.  You must have a tow hitch and light kit to rent a trailer, but they are super cheap if rented round trip and have no mileage cost.  Most can actually be towed with a van or even a medium sized car easily ’cause they are light weight even with a bunch of trees in them. Remember most larger trees will have to be laid down, but in a 16×12 trailer many can stay upright. BE AWARE THAT RENTING ONE WAY FROM SPRINGFIELD IS IMPOSSIBLE.


We are open regular retail hours daily from April 1 through October 31.  NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED DURING NORMAL WORKING HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5.  Just come out and see them even if you just need a day of beauty and awe. If you can, please call or email a day or so before you visit so we can be prepared to give you the best experience.

We are only 90 minutes from St Louis; 3.5 hours from Chicago and 3.5 hours away from Indy. Google up a map.