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Davidsan’s Japanese Maples is located just west of Springfield, Illinois in what is known as “Deep Midwest Corn Country”.  Davidsan’s has by far the largest selection of Japanese Maples in the Midwest, and among the largest selections in the United States, at very reasonable prices. We are a dependable, customer oriented company dedicated to the sale of beautiful, spectacular, rare and amazing varieties of “momiji” – the Japanese Maple Tree. We offer over 300 DIFFERENT cultivars of these beautiful trees, many that are not commercially available elsewhere. We are open to the public April – October but we are always here on line to answer your questions. See “contact us” above.  Or below.

What does Davidsan’s look like? We have TWENTY-THREE (NO, MAKE THAT TWENTY-FOUR!!! WAIT, TWENTY FIVE) Finally: TWENTY SIX greenhouses on our site, all organized for viewing, plus new raised bed gardens, granite statuary and many outdoor larger trees available. We also have a one-acre stocked lake and a shaded area so you can relax, take a break, or drop in a line. There is a large parking area. It is a quiet and peaceful.  We are constantly adding to our botanical gardens and water features.

In addition to our rare JMs, we offer a select and very special assortment of super rare companion trees that go well with momiji, such as dwarf, variegated and unusual Conifers, Ginkgo,  Beech, super cool truly different looking Oaks, the rare Franklinia, very special Dawn Redwoods and a lot more, from Aesculus to Zelkova.  These trees are picked because they go well with Japanese Maple plantings and because we have found them to be truly special. We have ALL SIZES: from one gallon up to 45+ gallon size.

We ship our trees from the east coast to the west. We are able to box and ship almost every tree up to 7 gallon size and some 10+ also. We are one of the handful of internet nurseries that will ship larger trees to your door.

Our 22 acre site, just west of Springfield, Illinois is changing all the time. We really want you to visit and see our hidden treasures.We are extremely excited about our nursery. It is gorgeous and perfect in every way.We specialize in dwarf Japanese Maples but carry them in all shapes and sizes. The photographs you see here are of our own trees in our own gardens.

The info on this site is all inclusive and should be of great help to anyone who wants to start growing and collecting Japanese maples and those who have already started. Please browse the pages here and take advantage of the things we have learned about how special Japanese Maples truly are and how best to choose and grow them.

We are always glad to hear from folks and we love showing our trees.

David-san and
Gale Myers