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If you live in the far northern areas of the USA and you want to grow Japanese or other Asian maples you may have only one choice … #1 Grow your trees in containers, which is easy and allows you to easily zone stretch and plant any Japanese Maple . JMs do exceeding well in containers .  , But if you are in the northern areas that are not “tundra” like Minneapolis  and other upper U. S. areas that aren’t SUPER cold, you have choice #1 Growing in containers, and a second choice  #2 To actually be able to plant one out in your yard, and grow  Acer Pseudosieboldianum a Korean maple …

Acer Pseudosieboldianum is a tree hardy to zone 4.. It grows maybe 12-15 ft over many years in those colder areas   faster in more moderate ones ( 10 ft in 10 years in maple friendly areas). It is a very sturdy, very pretty upright tree that has an open canopy with very Boffo fall color of orange, purple and red … It has a very pretty Asian leaf roundish in shape sort of like a smaller Japonicum . It is closely related to the JM palmatum form .

I personally find this tree very nice and have never understood why it is so rare and hard to find . It gives the northern Jm’sters the ability to actually plant an Asian maple in their yard. This year I have a good supply of shippable Pseudosieboldianum in both upright and multi branched style … so you can have a upright tree or bush form, depending on placement .

Yes even you “almost” Canadians you can actually plant an Asian Maple in your yard and have something truly special that will stand out as an exceptional rare specimen single stem or multi stem tree!!

Both multi and single trunk Pseudosieboldianum are in VERY limited quantities and available on a first come first serve basis. Please email me through the contact page for both available sizes and prices and/or if you have interest and wish to reserve and buy one this spring.

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