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Find The Perfect Japanese Maple with “The Sap App”

The “perfect” ( and easy) way to find and choose your own Japanese Maple Trees

Announcing the first web application for easily choosing your own special Japanese Maple, NOW exclusively at Davidsan’s. This is an app designed for the most experienced JM’sters to save them time, as well as beginners who have no clue where to start.  We have spent many hours developing this app so you can choose the perfect JM that fits all your local conditions as well as size, color, and form requirements. We have taken the work out of the arduously long process of choosing a JM with this one simple application. Use it, love it, and get your list, then if you are still not sure and want an opinion, email me.  Tell your friends about this on all the forums. They now have a place to easily pick their JM specimen(s) with minimal work.

Be sure to read the instructions on “How To Use This App” at right on the App page before you start. By doing so, you will  not get too few or too many choices showing up. If you follow those instructions you should get a usable list to study further and to choose from.

Please let me know if you have suggestions on making this app better. It was thoroughly tested in a beta stage for weeks and was given good reviews. But I am sure there are ideas I have not thought of that may be helpful in continuing it’s development. I use it daily when folks ask me to choose certain cultivars, and it has been a tremendous help to me. ( Having almost 400 cultivars available,it is hard for me to remember all trees that might work for folks) .

Have fun and enjoy my new app.



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