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Rare and Hardy Japanese Maples only at Davidsans

One of the big advantages to being a Davidsan’s customer is you will always be informed about all the rare and truly hard to get special trees that from time to time become available. Plus you will have a unique opportunity to buy and collect them. Some of these trees are older varieties from Japan that are not regularly, never been available in the states, or are no longer being propagated. Many of  these trees are only owned by a handful of master collectors in just a few collections scattered around the country. They are just special because they bring us all back to the traditional homeland of all Japanese Maples, Japan. They have heritage and style and have a special place in my heart as they are living and growing antiques from a distant era.

Others are newer cultivars that will never hit the streets for years and will likely never available to most folks!! These newer rare trees are special in many ways. Most are picked out by master growers who specialize in Japanese Maples and have a good eye for spotting a special seedling that is very different . They watch it for years  ( most unusual seedlings do not keep their uniqueness as they age so we are talking years to be sure it is actually unique before starting to graft, name and sell it) and if it really is different they propagate it for it’s special features. Such unusual and different features include size of tree, leaf form, tree shape, and an outstandingly very special color combination during different seasons.

Of course many of you will think all of my trees fit into this “rare” category since most folks are really unaware of the vast scope and variety of Japanese maples in general. And in a way they ( you ) are correct. 95% of what I have available, listed and pictured on this site are not available locally anywhere, and most not on the web either.
But my goal is to not only open up the world of Japanese Maples to those that are new/uninitiated to these beautiful trees. I also want to be a resource for those who have started buying Japanese Maples and want to expand their collections with extremely unique trees. And I also want to be a resource to those collectors who have exhausted their VERY limited avenues in finding a certain tree that they have read or heard about from other collectors or from the few books available on Japanese Maples.
Most of these rare trees both new and old are only available in very limited quantities and most may not be avail every year and some maybe never again.  Some I have looked years for to no avail and then BANG it pops up. These trees tend to be a bit more pricey and most are VERY hard to propitiate, but unlike the few others who sell some of these, I don’t take advantage of folks or try to make a killing off of them. I treat them pretty much like I do all other JMs I sell albeit for a bit more money. This is because as many I do not propagate myself and they cost me more. And be advised I often keep one or two for myself ;>) as I am foremost a collector as you might have guessed by now.
Once you become a Davidsan’s customer you will get priority purchasing on these super rare trees and often an advanced heads up, as I get to know you personally and know your level as a collector and your wants as far as particular types of trees.. As always, if you have been looking for something virtually unavailable give me a heads up and if I see it I can snag it for you or I may have something similar in that genre, just as rare.

Finally things to remember. Firstly just because something is unavailable or rare doesn’t mean it is worth getting. I will always let you know my opinion on that rather common occurrence. Some trees are not currently propagated or cultivated because they are just not that different or special.  If I think it is nothing special I will tell ya so and you can make up your own mind. And I generally won’t carry it, even if I can easily sell it ( but may be able to special order it in the spring of each year). .. Conversely there are trees that are not propagated or cultivated for God knows what reason. There are some  super cool trees with bad names ( why folks name some of these trees like they do is beyond me, a name can make or break a tree no matter how special … That’s not fair IMHO but it is a fact). Or a tree with just subtle differences that no one really notices and it therefore goes by the wayside. When I see those I will let ya know about them, that’s for sure.  Why such trees as Kashima/Chiba, Mirte, Shiraname, Nishiki gasame, Tskumo, Berrima Bridge, and hundreds of others are not readily available even from specialty grower is a mystery to me.

Davidsan’s is your best choice as a destination for rare JMs. Surf my site and see why. And remember Davidsan’s has a very small collection of VERY rare super cool trees that can be planted with JMs as companion trees. These are hand picked out, just like the JMs, and are offered because I feel they are super cool, exotic and truly different. I don’t carry a lot of these and quantities are limited but do look under those other sections on my web site. I know they will knock your socks off like they have mine. They are just simply from another world, and most you won’t find anywhere else.

And don’t forget Davidsan’s is located in a pretty cold area. So we also specialize in hardy Japanese maples. Having approx. a hundred planted out in our three acre botanical gardens gives us the unique opportunity to test many of the cultivars we sell . This actual knowledge of specific JM hardiness is not available at any other nursery specializing in JMs. We pride ourselves as a place to come for both hardy palmatums and other Asian species that are known for hardiness but seldom available to the general public. Davidsan’s has a great assortment of these both rare and hardy cultivars. If you are in a colder area and you are reading this you just need to go to the SAP app and plug in your preferences. You should easily find the perfect hardy Japanese Maple for your particular area. And if you are not sure we will be glad to help you. You won’t get the cold shoulder, abadabadaba, or sold something that won’t grow in your area like you will most places who just are in it for the sale.

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