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We ship your trees via FedEx Home (if to a residence), or FedEx Ground (if to a commercial business). The cost to you is 24 percent of the purchase you make.

NOTE: Heavy or broad trees over 5 feet tall may be subject to an additional FedEx Oversize charge of $130. Extra, extra tall trees may be subject to an additional FedEx Oversize charge of $100 or more. If you are making an especially large order, we will talk about shipping FedEx Freight. Call us.

If you live in California, we can not ship trees to you.


Due to our location in the center of the U.S.of A., our shipment time of only two to three days almost anywhere in the “Lower 48″ makes us the safest place to order Japanese maples. Shipping from west coast nurseries can take up to ten days across country and then you would have the worry that your trees will sit in a freezing or boiling truck trailer over a weekend. We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays; FedEx Home delivers Tuesday through Saturday, FedEx Ground (Commercial address) delivers Monday through Friday.

We ship trees from April through June and then again September through October, sometimes even later weather permitting.

We want to see healthy trees with leaves before we ship them to you. That’s why we don’t gamble on bare root plants shipped in the winter.

TREE DELIVERY SERVICE   Load and Unload  $500 minimum purchase

15 gallon pots or smaller

Up to 40 miles round trip $150

100 miles $350

200 miles $500

20-90 gallon pots

Up to 40 miles round trip: $250

100 miles: $450

200 miles: $700

Longer delivery trips, call us for a quote. Or plan an easy day trip here and enjoy a great experience on our 22 acres, while being able to pick out and purchase your own trees. We’d love to see ya!! Its a win/win for both of us.