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Davidsan’s has a large assortment  200+ hand-carved, solid granite Asian statuary (some weighing two tons or more!) This is the largest assortment in the USA of this size hand-carved granite statuary including pagodas, lanterns, fountains, tables, benches, animals, people, etc.  Most of these items are one of a kind and with currency exchange, higher labor and shipping cost sculptures of this size are no longer imported into the USA. We have photos of each piece on the website.
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We can load your car, truck or trailer. Many items come in several pieces making each piece more manageable to unload and re-assemble. Remember these are not concrete or plastic!! These are heavy solid granite. Within a limited distance, we can deliver and set up these heavy items on your prepared base. Please see our “Shipping and Delivery Options” or contact me by email or phone for more info.
Here are a few photos of some of our Asian pieces including a very large ceremonial tea table. It features detailed dragon and phoenix carvings at either end. It’s carved out of a 200 year old fallen tree from a forest in China. We have three other smaller tea tables also. Hundreds more photos are available for viewing at the link above. You will also see other unique wood pieces, large porcelain and marble vases, glass gifts and many other interesting items.
To see every item we have in  granite, marble, wood and other “non-tree” items just go to the web link.