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The App With Sap!

Davidsan's currently features over 1170 cultivars which can make choosing the one that's perfect for you quite a chore. This tool was designed to help you narrow your choces so that you can find your perfect Japanese Maple. Select the characteristics that you prefer from the list on the left and we'll show you the best cultivars for you based on your selections.

Choosing more characteristics with this App will narrow your list of matching cultivars and conversely choosing less characteristics or deleting choices will broaden the list of matching cultivars.

Don't forget to bookmark your search results before you leave so that you can return later.

Ask Davidsan

Using the Sap App will generate a list of Japanese Maples that meet your specific requirements. Still not sure? List still too long? In need of a second opinion? Send the list of cultivars that was generated by the "Sap App" to Davidsan for his 'not so humble' personal opinion. Look for the link after you get your sap app list of cultivars that meet your specifications. By clicking the link you will be able to send you choices directly to Davidsan for a second opinion.