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Must-Have Japanese Maples


I have some trees now in that are phenomenal..I have a quantity of Higasayama which is a terrific super hardy sun taking variegate.  This is, I think, one of the few trees that remains a constant fave of mine, they are super boffo.. It is by far the best upright variegate IMHO


I have also have a good quantity of Aureum.. Now I know, I always warn folks these trees are touchy but I have found this to be less true with larger established trees. They will need a lot of shade but their color is unmatched… These are absolutely stunning trees and are shippable. ASK ME ABOUT JORDAN….

Super Large Dissectums

If you are in driving distance I have large number of super cool 4-5′ ht and 4 ‘ wide or more Dissectums. These are huge full super healthy boffo trees .. Just to name a few: Red Dragon, Inaba shidare, Tamukeyama, Garnet, Emerald Lace, Green Filigree, Nigrum, and Seiryu. Some of these are decades old and have lots of character.


I think the Shishigashira also known as the female lions mane is a truly special tree. Everyone should own one or more… its what makes JMs supremely special… and if you decide to own one you are thinking like a true JM’ster not a person who just wants a pretty typical JM in their yard.

Many JMs are hard to ID since many are similar .. NO ONE can mistake a Shishigashira. I have some super, super nice larger ones available. These are specimen trees but at non specimen prices. They are too tall and too stiff-branched to fit into a shipping box. Come and get one. I just think this tree is truly special and always take a peek at them daily.

I usually don’t recommend buying more than one of any single cultivar of Japanese maple, since there are so many super cool ones and why tie up space duplicating cultivars. But Shishigashira is an exception.. It is so different, having them interspersed in mixed plantings is super cool!!

Very large 15, 20 and 25 gal uprights AND LARGER

Davidsan’s has a very nice HUGE selection of what most would call specimen trees priced way below the usual fancy ass nursery specimen prices. Most of these are NOT shippable but for a small fortune, FEDEX will take them as freight. Email or call for a list.

Tamukeyama Espalier

A hardy Red Dissectum in a super cool unique form

Want something super cool .. these are 15 gallon 4′ wide multi-stemmed (3 stemmed) Tamukeyama that have been trained on lattice .. You can leave them on it or take off and make your own or put on a fence or a wall. This is a very cool way to take a VERY large dissectum and utilize a place you ordinarily would be able to use for any JM let alone a large dissectum.. These are NOT shippable but since they are a hardy cultivar any one in the Midwest can safely grow them and they can be picked up at Davidsan’s .. So if you are in driving distance and up for a day trip and want something no one else within hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles, will have .. this is your tree. Here are some jpegs of them.  We only have ONE left.

Espalier 3 small

Espalier 1 small

Espalier 2 small