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Acer palmatum JJ

This is simply a stunning tree. I saw it out west full grown and said to myself WOW I must both have one and offer it to others. It is a truly a special medium sized red Matsumurae .Granted the name is lame but anyone looking for a great red hardy upright that grows fast and has great form  a really thick tree has to have this one but limited quantities and hard to get!!!
  • Winter Hardiness: Zone 6 - Down to -10°
  • Summer Hardiness: Tree will be planted in full sun
  • Tree Size: Medium up to 12' in ten years or more
  • Tree Form: Upright and full
  • Leaf Type: Basic (Palmatum, Japonicum, Shirasawanum)
  • Spring Color: Red
  • Summer Color: Green with Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow or Gold Blush
  • Fall Color: Red